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Larger Businesses

Strategic people projects support positive change

Whether implementing an employee voice programme, creating a survey and assessing feedback, supporting a change programme or assisting an internal HR team, our interventions will ensure you are properly placed to make your business more efficient, productive and profitable through creating a culture to succeed.

We have been brought in on:

Mergers and acquisitions

These can be times where staff might see changes to their roles, priorities and working culture while two different companies work to align together. Sometimes pay and conditions also need to be harmonised. Communication and leadership are key to maintaining engagement and morale during a transition to ensure the new culture and purpose are promoted, and all staff feel they have a stake in the business’s success.

Changes of direction and philosophy

When the landscape in your sector has changed, working practices from years gone by are no longer relevant and your service users might now expect a different approach. You may need to pivot your offerings, change the shape of your organisation and develop new staff roles to adapt to new demands and a new way or doing things. We can partner you in developing and implementing the changes that are needed as you evolve.

Reviews of working methods and structure

Middle management is where the magic (and many of the issues) can happen in any company. We can study how your managers communicate, work with their teams and handle conflicts or high pressure situations, and then help them to develop their leadership and mentoring skills so you get the best out of your workforce. Obtaining further feedback after development work can reveal priceless insights into how your business can be optimised and improved.

HR team coaching and mentoring

Heptagon HR is adept at working with your internal HR team as an experienced consultant, mentor, coach or additional expert resource. We can share a wealth of HR experience gained from our impressive track record of successfully building capability and confidence within in-house teams through specialist coaching and delivery. Ensure your people management, resourcing, communication and information processes promote a dynamic, inclusive culture within your business.

Accountability and reporting

Corporate governance regulations require by law a greater level of reporting into many aspects of your people agenda, leadership, effectiveness, remuneration and accountability. Is your gender pay gap embarrassing? We can help with unconscious bias training solutions for your teams and developing workforce initiatives to improve outcomes for underrepresented groups of staff. Some shortcomings may have been accepted up until now, but you may no longer feel comfortable when they are publically available.

Company culture change

Ensuring employees are engaged with your organisation often means updating how you work, offering flexible approaches and providing a clear line of sight between your workforce and your corporate purpose and objectives. We have experience modernising practices in areas such as flexible working, neurodiversity and connecting teams with your strategic narrative, for happier, engaged staff.

This is not an exhaustive list. For advice on how we can tailor our service to help your business to succeed, email or call us today.


“We were looking to work with an HR consultancy which could provide both insightful strategic HR vision and practical hands on, operational support; Jo from Heptagon HR has been invaluable in delivering both.

Jo has helped us in clarifying what we want to do and making excellent recommendations on the best way to do it. She helped us take a step back and take a strategic look at what we wanted to achieve.  She is a very effective listener, able to follow different strands of thinking and plans from multiple stakeholders and voices, and pull them together in clear written documents, reports and presentations.

Once the strategy or plan had been agreed, Jo provided wise counsel on the best set of action steps and plans to implement initiatives, helping us course correct along the way as appropriate.  She is action orientated and makes things happen and come together with ease and grace, always delivering as agreed.

We have an experienced in-house HR team and Jo’s approach was respectful of internal roles, taking direction and feedback from the team while working independently to deliver consultancy projects.

She has a great depth of expertise and know-how to draw on to help her clients, she offers advice from her own bank of experience and is able to offer tried and trusted do’s and don’ts. She is also a great research resource, knowledgeable about current and future trends and practices.

In summary, Jo makes things better, makes things work and makes things happen.“

Sally Coleman

HR Manager, Bloomsbury Publishing plc